About ASTD Alaska

The purpose of ASTD is to serve as the local framework for linking individuals & organizations with resources & opportunities in the adult training & development field. We believe the investment in workplace learning can & should be measured in terms of impact on the goals of an organization, or return on investment of training resources on performance.

To support this mission, we invest in
  • Scheduled quarterly presentations, periodic conferences, SIGs (Special Interest Groups) & partnerships with related organizations
  • Peer to peer networking
  • Mentoring as a form of life-long learning
  • Information sharing regarding jobs & career development
  • Nurturance & creative thought: synergies in progress
  • Shared insight regarding emerging trends, issues, tools & methods

Governance The Chapter is governed & managed by a volunteer Board of Directors elected by the membership.

Membership Alaska residents with interests or responsibilities in training, human resource development, workplace learning & performance, organizational development, & change management are drawn to ASTD Alaska. Further, members are supportive of the group's objectives. The organization is a collective that is enlivened through volunteerism: members are encouraged to share time & talent in the Chapter, refining skills while giving.

We do not collect information for the purpose of selling it or giving it to others.See our privacy policy for details.