ASTD AK Tech Favs

Rydesky talks about PowerPoint Features Mary M Rydesky, TrainerToday’s presentation came with a warning: do not overconsume: gorging is a danger to trainers who love instructional design! Content included roughly fifteen free or low cost tools for creating visuals and improving objects for workplace training. Then, participants added their favorites for all to consider. Handouts are available to those who were unable to attend.

Like Wordle? Try Tagxedo! Like Prezi? Take a look at other tools such as BrainShark and VisualBee and YawnBusters to enliven PowerPoint content. There is a bonus: no nausea induced by motion - this has been reported by viewers of Prezi so consider the importance and method of use of motion in your materials.

ASTD Alaska may have a reprise - another Tech Favs focusing on video/audio production at low cost without low quality in the bargain. Got some favorite tools? Contact us and leave a note!