How valuable is your training?

dollar_sign PhotoEveryone knows that training costs time and money but do you know if the training you’ve developed has given a return on investment (ROI)? Training evaluation is one of the easiest ways to show that value.
What is the purpose of training? Training is put in place to change behavior and achieve objectives. How do you know that you have met those objectives or how well? Should you wait for a failure or breakdown in the production process and address that issue? An effective training evaluation process can identify areas of weakness prior to disaster. By starting the training evaluation process at the beginning and making it an essential part of the development process you are able to focus your influence, time and finances from low impact goals to areas that have the most benefit.
Most internal training programs have some version of training evaluation. However many do not begin to evaluate until after the training has been completed. Would you sail in a boat before checking to see if there are any holes? It’s a gamble to see if you’re lucky or if you’re going to sink.
The training evaluation process provides vital feedback for continuous process and product improvement. The benefits range from assessing effectiveness to reinforcing learning to determining the contents adequacy. An effective training evaluation process, when utilized, will spell out the bottom-line value to your company.
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--Michael Snyder, May 2012