Training & The Bottom Line

Forbes November 2016, as reviewed in ATD's The Buzz…

It’s safe to say that most managers understand that training is important to the success of their organization, but many are all talk and no action. They believe it’s too much of an initial expense, or that they will have to dedicate a large amount of time and resources to building something robust and internal. This results in cuts to training programs and expansions being placed on the “someday” goal list. However, before training is put on the back burner, it’s important to understand three things about well-trained employees. They represent the company better than their untrained counterparts, they will speak knowledgeably about their industry and help improve customer experience, and they will help establish and maintain effective and inclusive practices that will ensure that the entire operation runs smoothly. But perhaps most important, training will not only demonstrate an employer's dedication to having the most productive workforce possible, but also show dedication to the happiness and career path of the individual employee, boosting retention and engagement rates.