Is it Selling or is it Training?

RMadison-ASTD Photo Speaker, Rebecca Madison

How are sellng and training alike?
How do they differ?
Who has the ‘power’ in each situation?
What is the role of motivation in each?
What are the communication tools in each?
Are the settings the same?

When people walk away from training, they need to have information they can integrate into their tasks AND tools to share the information comfortably with their peers.

A person can have conflicting thoughts about something.

Rebecca Madison, independent consultant and formerly of the the Alaska eHealth Network, engaged the attendees in thinking about the sameness and the difference between the two approaches. CWandKA_ASTD2jpg PHOTOTo illustrate her case, she provided a case study of getting electronic health records (ehr) to be shared through Health Information Exchange (HIE) throughout the state of Alaska. She has been the ‘voice’ of this project from the time that ehr and hie were not commonly uttered. Physicians must take part or they will not get reimbursed. But patients have some choices.

The public’s awareness of personal choices about ehr and hie participation is key. By participating, health care can be improved. Participants (patients) can see what is in their record and use it. But some think that sharing is not safe, and consider opting out. Is the explanation selling, or training? Her organization calls it Outreach Marketing - but it is truly training of consumers.

The issue of developing health information exchange has been in play through many administrations, as far back as Clinton. Rebecca has seen much hesittation among health care organizations, not just consumers.

Rebecca’s ‘ah-ha’ is that maybe more sales is really more about training....helping people gather information to make a change and to help that change to take place.