Handouts from Presentations at ASTD Alaska
When speakers present & permit us to share the materials they distribute to attendees, we post them here. Please credit the originator when you use them
S. Frakes, July 21 2017
L Christie, et al
L Gravel, 2007
M Rydesky, 2013
M M Rydesky, Apr 2012 Cover Page
M M Rydesky, Apr 2012 Content Pages
G Wilkie, Apr 2012 Notes on GIMP and others
G Kennedy, Nov 2008
Renee Hobbs, Nov 2011 as presented by Kristy Hobanson
G. Wilkie, Jan 2012 presentation
G. Wilkie, Jan 2012 List of resources
M Kane, Feb 2009
Printable materials
L Christie, Mar 2008
B Dennis, Sep 2007
M Kane, Feb 2009
M Rydesky, Apr 2008
L Lindley, 2013 poem at end of presentation
K. Kapp, 2013? Podcast
J Balistreri, ASTD AK member 2008
K Baldwin, Oct 2007
K Baldwin, Oct 2007
S Sturm, Aug 2005
G. Wilkie, Jan 2012 resource described in presentation
B Hinson, Mar 2008
J Hurlburt, May 2011
A shareable list
L. Lindley, 2013
G. Wilkie, Jan 2012 reprint from Jan 2011
M Rydesky, Jul 2008
L Gravel, 2007